Monday, 20 January 2014

Guess who's back?

That's it guys, I'm back from my rather abrupt week long hiatus... (It definitely wasn't planned!) and my rather feeble excuse is deadlines.

The bane of ever students life.

Organize your life.... Something I've yet
to manage fully... (Photo credit: alborzshawn)
And the one thing a student can be certain of.

Normally I'd like to think of myself as a rather organised person; balancing university, work and the blog, but this week it all seemed to go downhill. The work that I thought I'd get done for Tuesday, wasn't done until Thursday night (which was cutting it a little bit close to the deadline for my liking!) And the blog posts I dreamt of writing from Tuesday onwards just seemed to disappear.

I promise though, from here on in I'm going to be way  more organised with not just my time, but everything. First step is to clean my room, which I've done. And yes, it will stay clean this time.

Organised room, Organised mind..... Or so I'm hoping.....?

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  1. I know someone who can never keep her room tidy.
    To be honest sometimes I struggle...