Friday, 24 January 2014

Swirls Icecream Bar - Portsmouth

I'm always looking for something/somewhere new to try, almost like a hidden gem... And in the last few days I think we may have hit the jackpot.

Down the road from me, a new proper ice cream bar has opened - Swirls.  Most bizarrely, it shares it's premises with a convenience store, making it slightly harder to find.....They seem to be the next big thing and I can definitely see why... You can't go wrong with 30 odd flavour of ice cream all waiting for you to try and the use of WiFi.... (I'm thinking it's the perfect place to hide out when you have a ton of work!!)

The ice cream itself was to die for and there are genuinely more flavours than you could imagine -Amaretto, Mince Pie and even the more obscure Hello Kitty - apparently its a mix of white chocolate and strawberry with edible wafer pictures.  And the portions were huge, by huge I mean "way bigger than you could ever imagine" (check out my photos to see the true extent!) .

The best bit is no one seems to know about it, so it's always quiet. And the staff don't look to fazed if you just so happen to turn up twice in 24 hours, which would never occasionally may well happen.

So if you are in the area, and fancy something different, or simply need to go out somewhere that isn't the library this is definitely the place to be!

Disclaimer - Any views within this post are my own. I was not paid for this post, I simply want to share my find!


  1. Ooh is this the new place down Elm Grove?? I walked past the other day and had to resist going in. I can see it becoming a regular stop on my journeys once the weather warms up!

    Oh Hey Kayspray! x

  2. That looks amazing!! I adore ice-cream places like this, so many flavours!

  3. We have to go there! Looks amazing!

  4. It's actually on Goldsmith Avenue, PO4 8BJ. Check out the Facebook page here for more info