Monday, 10 February 2014

Perfect Phonecase in a Nutshell.

Photo of my new favourite case, Retailed
 for £14.95 at the time I ordered.
I've always looked for ways of showing off my blog in more different and subtle way - I supposed there is only so many times that social media works before people become immune to me thrusting my blog their direction - and so when I stumbled across the idea of my blog badge on display to take with me on the back of my phone wasn't such a bad plan, after all, when is it I don't have my phone in the immediate vicinity...

The problem is, I'm unorganised. The idea first came to me months ago but between deadlines, university, and work, I hadn't had the chance to sit down, plan it all and get creating. So when the opportunity to use was passed my direction it seemed the perfect way to force me to sit down and get creating!

11 o'clock in the morning (a rather ungod-ly time for us students...) I submitted my order on one of the most simple websites around. It took me literally moments to pick the size case I wanted, image and background colour and make sure that everything was the right size. By 3 o'clock, I had an email telling me that the order had been shipped - not going to lie, I didn't really believe it.... how often is a personalised product shipped the same day that the order was placed?

Next morning, I wake up to the order on the end of my bed (that'll be the helpful flatmates parcel fairies that make sure all packages go to the right bedrooms)  With the speed of the order coupled with me just waking up I couldn't quite believe it.

It is exactly what I wanted. The case fits perfectly and my image (which I was slightly dubious would print without pixelling) is clear as anything. I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly dubious as to how strong the picture itself is and how long it will take to wear away. Although the case has already protected my phone from a bit of a fall out of my car, and being dropped from a height...

Looking for somewhere to get something different for your phone, iPad or tablet without a huge wait for it to get to you? MrNutcase is definitely the one...

Although I received the case for the purpose of this review, all the views contained are my honest opinion.

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