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Rethink Mental Illness
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The scary thing about mental illness is that it is hidden below the surface of a person and can shatter someones lives way before they even become close to a diagnosis. It could be within anyone that you come into contact with - the person you walk past in the street, the person you chat too on the bus, or even one of your close friends. Either way, that person is probably suffering, and it is made worse by them believing that they can't discuss it... People seem scared of the stigma that comes with mental illness and its a subject that is avoided in our society, more so than sex and death. This fear of those 'unknown' illnesses can completely shape a person's life....

Stress. Struggling to cope. Depression. Mood swings. Things that can affect everyday life for absolutely anyone. And although it may not seem like these are major issues, they are all, when severe, are classed as mental illness. More people are affected than you may well think. Mental illness isn't just being bipolar, or OCD or having a breakdown...

Whilst mental illnesses are all around us, statistics suggest that 1 in 4 students will suffer from a metal disorder by the time the finish university, which means that it is more than likely that someone you know will do, does or has suffer. Even worse, is most students know someone who didn't or felt they couldn't get help and so have done something more extreme. Time to talk is giving people the chance to break the taboos and help in the simplest way possible. Taking that five minutes just to talk.

People don't seem to see the significance of taking those five minutes just to see if someones ok, or whether they can have anything done to make it better. This is by no means a substitute for the different support offered both in the public and within the university, (Portsmouth University offers support, counselling and chaplaincy for any one of their students, which can be accessed here).

Hopefully with this campaign, metal health will not be such a hidden issue within our society. If we can all make the tiniest difference in the life another, surely that's a good thing for us all....?

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