Thursday, 13 February 2014

University. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

University Graduation Ceremony
University Graduation Ceremony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
University. The first few years of your life where you learn proper independence - buying food, making sure you don't run out, doing your own washing and generally making sure you survive without all the help of Mum and Dad. It is honestly some of the best fun that you can have but as with every adventure, it never will be plain sailing. There will always be a point in it where you wonder why/how you are still here or whether it is what you truly thought it would be.

Today I've decided to share my outlook on university - the good, the bad and the ugly - in glorious technicolour....

The good! The madness and memories. I have done some things that I will certainly look back on in the future and wonder what possessed me to believe that that was a good idea, although it certainly means I have some pretty impressive stories.
I have met such a wide range of people from such different walks of life that I would hope I would keep in touch with way past the end of university.

The bad! The pressure of multiple deadlines all looming at once. The pain of a 9 o'clock lecture when you've been out the night before (self-inflicted I know, but still!).The difficulties of a group dividing when there is an argument between two people and everyone gets dragged in. The finding that you can't do a unit as well as you'd hoped and panicking about your grades.

The ugly! The state of you and your flatmates after a particularly heavy night out. The  mess that  the kitchen will inevitably land up in when everyone has cooked and no one wants to clean up just yet. The night you decide to stay in and still get woken up by the drunken flatmates coming home as they struggle through the front door.

The time at university may not be perfect, but I certainly think that by the end you certainly realise it was worth all the tear, tantrums and madness. I'm hoping so anyway!

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  1. I can seriously relate to all these points! With all its amazing good points, it's important to remember the hard parts to. It's what make the experience what it is and hopefully by the end of it, we will have learnt a hell of a lot!! Thanks for linking this up to the Student Link-Up! xx
    Oh Hey Kayspray!

  2. I love your posts Kat. They don't ramble on and they make such great points. Sorry you missed out on the newbie showcase space this week. I think I have you booked in but if someone drops out again then you are first on the list :) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x