Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Blavod. The Black Vodka.

Lets be honest, students drink. We know how to have several a good night in a week and somehow manage to maintain a fairly decent daytime... but somehow I've become one of those students who has toned the going out in the second year of my degree. Although I know that there are students out there who are willing to go out two/three/even more times a week, but if I even want to have the chance of making my lectures then I can't even dream of  trying to keep up with these people! (I've almost become middle-aged!) so I save my going out for the nights when there is an event or birthday.

Last week we had a birthday within the group that I live with and so, what better reason to take a night off and enjoy the company of those around me - especially as I was up to the neck with work for my assignments. It was a house party, something that we have found the best way to include everyone and have a great night - This is what we deem the result of a good night! But for this I needed to find something to drink. Vodka.

I've seen this Blavod Vodka advertised on twitter and was desperate to try it for a while so when I found it in Asda I figured that was the drink for the night even though it was slightly more expensive that the usual vodka I drink. And it was definitely was worth the money.

The bottle itself is beautiful. The drink itself was beautiful, high quality and when poured a midnight black colour. Definitely a drink that would look good if I knew any cocktail recipes that would allow the blackness to show through (it goes a grey colour when mixed with orange juice - not so appetizing unless its Halloween....)

All in all though, its a good vodka that is something different. (And it didn't give me a hang over....!) Just need to master their cocktails at blavod.com

I bought this product myself. Any views expressed are entirely my own.

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