Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How to battle the dreaded hangover...

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Let's be realistic, most people have been drunk at some point in their life, and with the being drunk comes the hangover.... unfortunately. There is one thing that students are known for... getting drunk (I'd like to point out that I am not one of these students... the library is my favourite place, honest...!) But how can you combat the dreaded hangover if you happen to find yourself falling into the dreaded morning after the night before....?

Today, I've asked a few flatmates how they deal with hangovers, and with 11 of us, there's quite a few different answers.

"I don't drink" - Slightly more obvious one there. Best way to deal with a hangover. Don't get one.

"A can of full fat coke, and a packet of ready salted crisps." - Fill your body with sugar and salt, its supposedly what you need to get back on track. Not sure I can handle food though....

"Just getting out of bed and forcing yourself to do something." - No way is this something I could ever ever do. Those who know me, know that I am most definitely not a morning person, nor will I ever be...

"Lemonade to settle my stomach... And a fry up wouldn't go amiss..." - The smell of bacon frying when hungover is never a good combination for me. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Of course there is always the lucky one that 'doesn't get hangovers' although I have a sneaky suspicion that maybe they do and they don't want to admit it to everyone else...

How do you shift a hangover after a heavy one the night before? Comment below and who knows, maybe you could help someone become the perky flatmate when everyone else is suffering...

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  1. The person who doesn't get hangovers...? Karma will get them:) usually in the form of parenthood;)

  2. Thanks for the great hangover tips I never used to get them but man as soon as I turned 30 they definitely visit. I think fast food and pop is always a great cure too!

  3. Thankfully I'm not a big drinker these days but it definitely used to be a can of coke and a bacon and egg sandwich for me! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. When I drink the first time I felt so much headache the next morning. Then my dad told me to use Detoxicated before drinking and it will help me to deal with this type of annoying situations. After this, I never felt this type of situation and wake up in the morning with a fresh mind. Best morning recovery