Monday, 24 March 2014

Mother's Day Madness.

There are several stages that occur when Mother's Day is brought up in conversation. 

Stage 1. Mother's Day is mentioned. Child had no idea before this conversation.
Stage 2. Child realises that they need to find a present that is both impressive and interesting...
Stage 3. Child has to sit down and give it some thought whilst Mother drops repeated hints about the skirt/flowers/gardening gloves (delete as appropriate) they are currently lusting after...
Stage 4. Time is running out for child so they have a mad dash around the local shops to try and find something suitable.
Stage 5. Child buys present and hopes for the best.
The cake arrived boxed up with candles,
balloons and cake in the sweetest tin...
Stage 6. Mother opens present, loves it, and remains in the dark about how much of a close call it was....

Either that or they just land up with a card. (It's the thought that counts though... right?)

I always find my mum hard to buy for, and so I've scoured the internet for perfect present. And this is what I came up with. A personalised cake from Baker Days. Everyone loves cake. (They even can make them gluten free if you're sending them to someone with an allergy - which at one point was almost unheard of!)

The wonderfully, bright, Mother's Day
Seeing as Mum decided that her and Dad were heading off on a last minute break -I'm so jealous of their good weather right now  - that I had to plan ahead. We've half celebrated Mother's Day with this cake and we'll be having the other half when they get back.

I must admit, this cake is far far far better than a bunch of flowers. Firstly it was delivered quickly and the ordering of it was painless... Gluten free cakes, have this tendency to be dry, bland and downright awful (sorry, but it's true...) whereas this one really wasn't! I'm sure I could have managed to eat the whole 5" myself if no one else had got in on the act. 

Initially I thought that at £16.99, the cake was expensive, but when the cake was delivered, with card, balloons, candles and cute presentation tin, it is better value of money than you realise. Besides, it's a similar price to a bunch of flowers and is something completely different. 

Definitely will be ordering more of the cakes, I quite fancy the look of the personalised cupcakes for my birthday. (BF take note!)

Get ordering, make your Mother's Day. Besides, this is the easiest thing you could do!

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