Friday, 21 March 2014

The World is a Huge Place.

The view of the evening. Portsmouth at Night.
Photo taken by @hollyrobbo
There are only two things that are certain in life, that you are born and that you die. You cannot guarantee which path you will take, where you will end up for what impact you can have on the world.

This week me, the BF and the other couple (OC) spend an evening being thoroughly spontaneous, seeing where we landed up. It involved a rather cold late night paddle on the beach, yet another trip to McDonalds and us admiring the view of Portsmouth at night from the hills looking over the city.

Standing on top of that hill and admiring the view, we all realised how small we actually are and that the world is this huge unexplored place that holds the possibility for all these adventures and experiences. In that moment I realised that we are at the age to take on the world.

We can, in essence, achieve anything that we want. We are the future generation of this planet and with that we can shape the future. We can lead our mark. Every single one of us. Of this, I am certain.

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  1. Love this photo. Looks like it's been taken from space!