Monday, 17 March 2014

Vinyl Record Clock.

I get bored very easily and so tend to find that I need to find things to do to occupy my mind - partly where the inspiration for blogging came in! More often that not it means that I sit down and make something, rather like a small child... Be it homemade jewellery, cakes or blog headers, I like to try something

Last week, when off on an adventure the BF & I came across old vinyl records for a knockdown price which I couldn't pass up on so I bought one (I couldn't help it but I went back the next day and bought a few more for this new 'project'...) and took it home with the intention of making something from it.

Somewhere over there >> you can see the first creation. I'm not going to lie, both the BF and I are pretty pleased with the final outcome. It's impressive what you can do with a vinyl and a clock mechanism kit.

One project down, we started to try something else. Something I'd seen on those tip exchange type websites. A Vinyl Bowl.

I confess, it really did take us 20 minutes longer than it should have - my perfectionist nature really came to light - but you can see the final effect was quite impressive. It's perfect for all the cr*p that the BF has in his pockets so that it doesn't spread about my room...

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