Thursday, 10 April 2014

Family Dinner on 3 key ingredients.

Occasionally, we take it in turn to have what can only be describes as an uncoventional family dinner. We'll take it in turn to cook a meal where we sit down and just chat while enjoying good foods - which cost a whole lot less when you break it down to £ per head...

Today, I'm treating you to the rather delightful recipe that was cooked this week. It was something that I wasn't 100% sure I was going to like when it was first suggested to me by Emma (who blogs over here if you want to read something rather different to my little corner of the internet.) but I must admit, I was - as was the BF who doesn't particularly like vegetables - impressed and so will definitely be cooking this again.

All that you need (for 4 people):
-2 Tins of Baby New Potatoes
-2 Leeks
-1 Packet of Bacon

All you need to do:
-Boil potatoes until they are almost soft.
-Drain Potatoes.
-Fry the potatoes in butter, adding in a sprinkle of sugar every time you toss them.
-Chop leeks and bacon.
-Add leeks to potatoes in the pan and add sugar every time you toss.
-Fry bacon in separate pan.
-Combine both pans and then add pinch of salt & a little more sugar into the mix as a whole.

We served our meal with Tiger Bread and lots of butter. Just remember not to go too overboard on the sugar, it's just down to taste.

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