Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Help. Mental Health.

More and more people seem to be struggling through life. And by struggling I mean they can't cope with everything (Deadlines, work, volatile relationships, lack of routine and even insomnia) that they are facing, to the point that they break. They believe that this breaking is them being weak because this is what society has instilled in us for such a long time.It is all made somewhat worse by these people, more often that not, suffering in silence for a period of time before they feel that there is enough of an issue to bother anyone else.

A few months back, I wrote about how mental illness could effect anyone and that we needed to raise awareness by talking about these issues... But still I'm seeing people attempt to struggle on by. I know that not everyone likes to talk about things that are bothering them, but should they feel that their breaking is a weakness? No, the breaking is just a sign that they've been trying to be too strong for too long.

If you ever feel that you aren't coping or are even having a bad day, just take a moment to stop. I can pretty much guarantee you are not the only one out of everyone you know finding life hard - even if it feels like you have it worse. It is vital that you remember that no matter how isolated you may feel, you are not alone.

Talk to someone and share the load. Be it a friend, colleague or specialist. The #timetotalk campaign stands to highlight the fact that you are not alone. Never ever. Not even when things seem tough.

Regardless of whether the campaign is in full swing, we need to spread this message. Teach it to the younger generations and between us, we can create a support network to help all of those in need.

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