Friday, 11 April 2014

My Very First OOTD - GoaTees Beard Shirts.

All my photos were taken by Valentino Messina
(@Messinav04). Thankyou for taking them with the rather
awkward model!
I'm not a fashion blogger. For that you have to have at least a tiny part of you that is/cares about what is fashionable and to be quite frank I do not.

I am that girl that is as happy to wander about it my BF's trackies as I am to get dressed up... and whether I do depends entirely on whether I can be a***d.

But today is a first. Today I'm sharing my outfit of the day, just because a. I can, and b. I think my t-shirt is amusing.

I present to you GoaTee's, The t-shirt to give anyone - even the least man-ly man - a chance to live with a beard. Supposedly, according to some psychological research, beards command respect from males (If that's not a reason to get one, then what is?!)

Evidently you can see that this is one of those outfits where comfort overrules fashion but hey! sometimes that's just what we need!

GoaTee's were created through a student company at Portsmouth University for a laugh and have actually been selling both online and on their stalls.

T-Shirt - GoaTee's t-shirt £10 (available here)
Leggings - Primark £5
Shoes (You can't see them here...) - Black Converse Hi from £48 - or something similar.

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