Friday, 16 May 2014

Living it large at the Library.

English: Steacie Science and Engineering Libra...
English: Steacie Science and Engineering Library at York University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is possibly the busiest place on University at any given moment. The place at the every  most students feel that they have to be to get the full university experience. And that can land up costing you a considerably large part of your student loan*...

The worse thing is this isn't any one of the clubs on the strip. No, it's our library that seems to be the place to be. Our library is a huge expanse of books spread over at least four floors with endless corridors, but you cannot go to the library at the moment and expect to find a free computer, let alone a desk. Even at 3 in the morning...

All I can put it down to is that end-of-term/upcoming-exam fever. Everyone is avoiding working at home (lets be realistic, noone gets any work done when you have the other flatmates making noise and generally putting you off.....) or they've been dragged in by their group to practise for the countless presentations.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the library. It's too quiet, full of people, and after I got lost and couldn't get out, I don't particularly enjoy going back there.... But sometimes needs must!

*It has been known for library fines to be up to £150 across the year for late book returns. It wasn't me, but it happens. So make sure you get organised.
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