Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to make Homemade Slushpuppies.

Children always seem to be drawn to the bright colourful slush machines when on days out, much to the parents disgust. There is little that can distract the little people from the what is in essence liquid sugar, but I have come up with a solution.
Orange & Lemon Slush Puppy.

More healthy, no fuss, easy to make slush puppies, perfect for this wonderful hot weather that we have!

All that you need:
- Strong freezer bags
-Squash/Wine/Fruit Juice
-A  freezer
-A rolling pin or other such smashable implement.

All that you need to do:
1. Make squash
2.Pour squash/wine/juice into a bag and tie. Tightly.
3.Lay bag down so that the liquid is as thin as possible (the thinner it is, the easier it is to slush...)
4.Leave for a few hours to freeze.
Once frozen...
5.Remove from freezer and use rolling pin to break the ice blocks into smaller mushier* pieces.
6.Put in a glass and serve.

*I apologise for my rather rubbish description, I was never any good at english...


  1. I am from a tropical country and I use to do this a lot as I dont have a blender at home! I love this on my young coconut juice and ill add pandan leaves! Yummy on a hot day =) #pocolo

    1. That sounds brilliant! May have to try something like that! (:

  2. What a simple yet great idea....I'm going to try this! I'm also thinking alcoholic slushies....hehehe

    1. I'm thinking it could work very well for cocktails... must try and report back! (:

  3. A really great idea - who needs those special cups?! Definitely need to do this with Grace in the summer. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x