Monday, 2 June 2014

Magic Moments - Birthday Trip to Marwell Zoo!

I am very much a child. I may have just turned 20 - no longer a teenager here! - but I still firmly believe that the best way to live like is as though you are a child. Life should be full of smiles and laughter and not all about the worries and problems (although obviously these all need thinking about from time to time...)

When my BF suggested that we take a somewhat spontaneous trip to Marwell Zoo for my birthday which isn't too far from mine. The weather forecast predicted rain - which I ignored, because when is the forecast every spot on,and off we set. (It did land up pouring it down in the afternoon as you can see from the picture somewhere over there>>)

There were animals. And more animals. I won't bore you with the details, you can look in the photos. But it was perfectly amazing day, rain included. Finished off with a boozy dinner out with my flatmates.


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  1. Ohh wow! That looks like a great day out x

  2. I loved Marwell too, one for all the family to enjoy #MagicMoments