Monday, 9 June 2014

Magic Moments - Ice, Ice Baby.

The Ice - Bar.
Close your eyes. 

Take a moment to step back and remember the world when you have a childlike fascination.

Then maybe, just maybe, you'll come close to the awe I felt when I walked through the doors to the IceBar London. 

Think adulthood combines with Disney's Frozen and you may come close to the magic that there is just off of Regent's Street. 

We were met at the doors with the staff who helped us into our 'designer thermal robes and gloves' aimed to keep us nice and toasty during our 40 minutes session. Then we entered the chamber made almost entirely of ice. Everything is made from perfectly clear ice, with its imperfections (although they somehow made it look more amazing) harvested from Jukkasjarvi in Northern Sweden.

My Frozen cocktail.
Our cocktails - included in the entry price - were served in ice glasses and we took the time to sit back and revel in the music, lights and ice. 

Must admit, although I was beginning to lose feeling in my toes by the end of the session but I will definitely be back when the design team transform the architecture.

It is definitely worth the time and visit. Best thing is, although you are supposed to book, there always seems to be spaces, so even if you're rather last minute get yourself there!

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