Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Making the Morning Easier.

9 o'clock lecture? At first thought this would appear to be simple. Just get up, jump in the shower, get dressed and have a bite to eat for breakfast, before heading off, fully alert to absorb all the information that the lecturers throw at you.

Basically, this is about as far from the truth as humanly possible. Us students love our sleep (tiny bit of a sweeping generalisation there....)

It is more likely that you wake up half hour before the lecture, have a greaseball for hair and can still smell the beer from the night before. Getting ready involves skipping the shower in favour of half a can of deoderant and a handful of proplus before you shoot out the door, completely forgetting about breakfast until your stomach grumbles in the middle of the lecture.

But I have found a few small things that will make your morning half a ton easier, it certainly made mine easier.

1. Baby Wipes. I am 20 and I have been caught with babywipes in my handbag. I don't have children - although I do surround myself with a rather messy set of people...- but I have found that the are suffice for 'freshening up' first thing so that you can make that lecture/school run without yesterdays makeup halfway down your face. Yes, I know that beauty bloggers say they aren't the best thing for your face, but how bad can they really be?

2. Dry Shampoo. Whoever invented this is a god. Countless mornings my trusty can of dry shampoo has given me a precious few more minutes so that I'm not late to the lecture right the other side of the city. Have used talc powder too... except then all I could smell was babies, which led me to think that if I could smell it, so could the unfortunate guy next to me. So Embarrassing.

3. Cereal bars/Packets of Biscuits. I hide these in my handbag so that when I oversleep I have something to eat on the way to lectures without having to prepare or venture into the mess that is usually our kitchen. Rather this, than skipping the most important meal of the day.

4. Packing my Handbag the night before. Notes, pens, breakfast, purse and keys all sorted so that all I have to do is pick up the bag and go without having to think about whether I have the classwork that I need when I'm halfway there....

I am not a morning person but with these simple things, I have found that they are a teeny little bit more bearable....

What do you do to save time in the morning?

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