Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What does a blogger look like?

What does a blogger look like? Is there one defining way of picking out bloggers from the rest of the population? Could you pick one out in a crowd.

Picture the scene, a room full of bloggers. All wearing tiaras listening to the keynote speaker, Emma Freud. (Wonderful but, not something I thought I'd ever experience...)

I looked around and was struck by how different each and every one of them were. These bloggers all have different styles, both in fashion and writing, different experiences and different attitudes. They all were in one room, from every single walk of life.

From the loud witty types, to the quieter types with more below the surface we all blog because we enjoy it. We enjoy writing about our lives and sharing our story online, the soaring highs with the lowest of lows, as well as the muddling along in between. We get to know each other in a way that would suggest to those who don't know that we've known each other for years, whilst not quite managing to put faces to names.

The best bit is it feels like a community. A community with enough power to affect the internet and the world... (Even Emma Freud said so) Everyone allows the others to discover themselves whilst supporting the writing. Yes, there's sometimes problems - one blogger not happy with another - but I challenge you to find a group of people this large that is perfect and has no issues. I'd imagine that it's near on impossible.

It may not have been fully what most people expected, but all I can say is roll on #BritmumsLive2015


  1. The longer time passes since going to britmums, the more I feel positively about it. Though at the time I felt utterly petrified!!! #iPotLinky

  2. It was amazing wasn't it ! Glad you are looking forward to 2015 ! Would have loved to have a chat but I have long since given up finding excuses for not seeing everyone. The place was teaming with so many bloggers ha ha #iPotlinkup