Monday, 4 August 2014

7 Things that every student should take to university... (including my Logitech Z200 Review.)

Univeristy is often the first time that many people have left home. The first time away from all those creature comforts that Mum & Dad provide. The first time having to fend for yourself. And the first time that you are responsible for everything.

But what should every student pack? What are the vital things that you need to get through the first year of life in the big bad world?

1. The same fabric softner/washing powder from home. - Realistically homesick-ness will hit, and it will hit hard. It has been suggested that by having your washing and bedsheets washed with the smell of home gives you a constant reminder of home. Plus the fact that washing powder is so expensive that you'll either; avoid buying in in favour of other such neccesities or have to sell a kidney to afford it.

2. An emergency bottle of liquor. - Every student will drink, there are no ifs, buts or maybes. It is almost a fact of life. There will be times when you cannot afford the prequisite alcohol for predrinks when everyone wants to go out, so rather than be left out, this is the best bet.

3. A set of speakers. - Your speakers will become your pride and joy so choose a pair wisely. It is a case of weighing up quality against cost. The speakers become the middle of the party, the saving grace through exams and the one thing that helps you give a soundtrack to your life.  I'm loving my Logitech Z200, for the simple fact that they can go loud enough to drown out the music in the next room, without losing the quality of the music. They fit with the style of my room, are light and easy to move and won't break the bank. I've been trialling mine with the Logitech Blutooth Audio Adaptor so that I can be incredibly lazy and change music using my tablet without having to get up - and its brilliant, very very easy to use (even if you're an idiot like me...). The instructions - which I read for once - say that it will only pair with devices if it is in eyesight of the adaptor, but we've found it goes so much further. Although I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing as the BF's Iphone syncing as he came in through the front door at the onther end of the house, woke me up and gave me a heart attack. Not cool.

4. A spare bottle of shampoo - I will never forget the day I got in the shower, when I realised I'd run out of shampoo completely. I 'borrowed' shampoo from another bottle, but never heard the end of it. It's more worth having that spare than being in debt to someone else. You may have some lovely flatmates that don't mind, but it could be the start of WW3 and it really isn't worth the hassle.

5. An abundance of teatowels. - They get all grimy very very quickly, they go from white to dingy brown in a matter of weeks, either that or they mysteriously go missing. I'm sure we started the year with 20+ and when we moved out I managed to salvage 1...

6.Posters & Pictures - I have yet to see a student room that hasn't been made their own with pictures and posters. Some people take it further than others, with their whole walls  covered, whilst with other people it is the occassional photo on the desk. Either way, everyone makes their little square home.

7. A printer - Although this is not vital, it was something I wish I had had from the word go. There is nothing worse than working through the night to complete a piece of coursework then having to shlep across the city to the library to print off the work before rushing to meet the deadline on a piece of work. Life is so much easier when you can print it off at home and then head over to university to submit the work whilst bypassing all the other students at the library frantically trying to print their work and get on...

Obviously there is a whole host of things that need packing, clothes, toothbrush and everything you will need for the kitchen, but this list is the things that you may not neccessrily think of as neccessities. Although, I'm sure all of this list should be classed as neccessities, because realistically you will find that you need it.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I recieved the speakers and adaptor to review, but as ever all comments are the truth.

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