Wednesday, 27 August 2014

BT's Sizzling Student Broadband Deals.

There is one thing that every student needs. Something that won’t necessarily be something that students think about when they pack up and move into their new homes. The internet. And with so many different providers and a huge choice of packages from each of them, it can be difficult to find a deal to suit what you are after. It becomes even harder when you realise that it is highly unlikely that you will be in your halls/house/flat for the whole 12 months that most providers offer.

But I have found a solution. A solution that makes connecting to the internet unbelievably easy, without the annual contract.


BT are offering deals specifically for us who want the best service, for as little money as possible and don’t want to be paying for extra months that quite frankly students just couldn’t afford anyway. Better still is that these deals save you money – which realistically we all need! They are offering 3 different packages, for different prices which obviously suit different people. The BT packages all consist of the monthly price, as well as a monthly line rental of £15.99 but all of these deals have Unlimited Weekend Calls to other BT phone lines. Which means that it’s not going to cost you to call home and tell your parents that you are most definitely attending all your lectures and are in no way going out drinking every night.

The first choice is BT Unlimited Broadband, which has been explained to me by the IT Support Monkeys. Apparently broadband connects your house to the central network by copper cable and you can get an upload/download speed of 1Mb/17Mb which is plenty fast enough for a few of you in the house together. It is just £16 per month (plus the line rental) which means that you can save £96 against the standard not-student price. That’s nearly £100 that you could spend elsewhere!

The second and third choices are BT Infinity (BT Infinity 1 Extra broadband & BT Unlimited Infinity 1 broadband) both of which uses a much faster fibre optic cable in place of the copper cable. This gives you the faster internet with faster upload/download speeds so that nothing holds you back whether you want to update Facebook or stream Netflix whilst your flatmates play Xbox online and download music. BT Infinity 1 Extra has a download limit of 40GB but costs just £14 per month, plus line rental over the 9 month period which saves £138, more than the BT Unlimited Broadband. For even more savings which choosing the student deal against the standard price, the Unlimited Infinity 1 broadband costs just £19 per month plus the line rental, giving you a saving of £222. This sounds slightly more expensive but it has an unlimited download limit so if you are a house of 5 or 6, somewhat like me, this is perfect. You have the speed and the lack of limits which is everything that you need.

And if these deals aren't enough to draw you in – which in all honesty they should be – all the packages come with unlimited access to BT Wi-fi when you’re out and about for those who like to stay connected, free BT sport online for those who like to keep up with the latest goals, games and league tables and the BT SmartTalk app for those who want to make use of the unlimited weekend calls but don’t want to be the one accused of stealing the phone line.

So if you’re set to move into a new house and have to set up your own internet with a provider, check out the Student deals at BT. You could be saving way more money than you think.

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