Friday, 22 August 2014

Release your Inner #MeatLust.

We try and have family dinner in our house once a week. Its our chance to chat and gossip even through more often than not our schedules mean we are life ships passing in the wind. We try and take it in turns to cook and get takeaway - dependent on how far into the student loan we are. On the nights that we do manage to have our dinners, I try and cook different things, things that we wouldn't normally have or be inclined to cook. So when the wonderful people at Flava-it offered us some marinades to unleash our meatlust, its safe to say that we had to seize the opportunity.

The marinades arrived and the planning for dinner begun. The final choice, Barbecue chopped beef burgers,buffalo chicken drumsticks and potato wedges. Should be simple enough, just mix the meat and marinade, leave for 10 minutes, then cook and serve... I say should be, but I somehow wasn't 100% successful. The chicken, although I think I may have overcooked it, wasn't received so well by the rest of them. They thought there was less flavour and too much spice... The beef on the other hand, was delicious. One person thought it would be better more smoky, but everyone else wolfed it down and there's already requests for it again. Success!

The picture over there shows everything I needed. And considering it only worked out as £2.50 per person, I didn't think that was too bad when you consider the amount of meat there was...

All that you need is a cut of beef, the marinades and rolls and you have the perfect burger. Just cut the meat into small chunks, marinade the meat in the flava-it marinade, slow cook the meat for a few hours, then reduce the sauce by heating on a high heat, allowing to sauce to thicken then slice buns, fill and serve. You really can't go wrong! It's easy and tastes like you've put way more effort into dinner. Perfect for those meals when you want to impress without breaking your back in the kitchen. I will definitely be picking more of the Flava-it Marinades when I do my shopping at Morrisons!

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