Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Scoop's Gelato, Portmouth.

I am a huge fan of ice-cream, alongside most other foods that are detrimental to my waistline. And so after a wonderful meal out with my family last night, we decided to pop into Scoops in Portmouth for our pudding. I must admit, I was impressed. It's somewhere I've been meaning to try for months since it opened up and compare it to the other icecream parlour I've come across in Portmouth, Swirls.

We walked into the parlour, decorated in reds, whites and blacks, very America-meets-Italy - which in hindsight I should have taken photos of - and after we'd realised that we should have just gone in and picked a table we sat down and started to look at the menu. The menu has everything from the 20+ flavours of icecream, waffles and drinks which gives you a choice suitable for everyone, although the menu is somewhat confusing

We all opted for the waffles which were massive, on the expensive side, by seriously huge and covered in fruit. Our service once we'd ordered was fast and prompt and I can't really fault it. My only downside was that the music was loud - yes, I get the whole making atmosphere thing, but when it makes it difficult to hold a conversation then you know the music is a fraction too loud.

I did enjoy myself, but I know that there have been some negative reviews. It's definitely somewhere that I will be trying again and seeing whether the service I did have was the way it is, or just a fluke. Based on this experience though, I'd recommend it almost as much as Swirls.

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