Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Upcycling: Giving Glass Jars a New Lease of Life.

My own personalised glass.
There are a billion and one different things you can do with glass jars. Reuse them for homemade jam with cutisie labels or storage of little things that you don't want to lose, but in recent weeks one rather clever flatmate came up with two 'alternative' solutions to those old jars - or even accessories for around the house.

1. Cheap, shabby-chic glasses. - Vintage jar-type glasses seem to be all the range this summer. And they are perfect for something different when having a BBQ and cocktails. Glasses aren't cheap at the best of times but the jar glasses are unreasonably expensive. Plus, by reusing the jars, you are saving the environment...

2. Tealight holder - A tealight in a glass jar burns bright and is easily decorated with a paintbrush and glass paints. Definitely the way to set the mood and light the way when the evening darkness rolls in. Besides, it'll protect the flames a little if there is a breeze.

The story of how these ideas came to light begins with a student working nights travels to work with a empty suitcase and travelled home the next day with a suitcase that was full. "What did she buy?", I hear you ask. The answer; 20 jars of lemon curd. Not that anyone would believe her. Those jars became part of the perfect summer farmer party.

What do you think?


  1. These are such great ideas. I've recently moved in with my mates into our house for our second year and completely forgot to buy any glasses. These may come in handy! I have also seen somebody use one as a flower vase in their flat.


    1. The flower vase idea is brilliant! I just love that you can give jars a whole new purpose!

      Thanks for dropping by (:

  2. 20 jars of lemon curd? Lost for words!

  3. Probably a good thing no one stopped to search the suitcase on the way home... ;)