Monday, 29 September 2014

#MagicMoment - My day at the BBC.

Every been asked to do something so different to what you would normally do, or something that you never in a million years thought you could do? Yes? Well that happened to me when I was invited to be on BBC Radio1's Surgery University Special with Aled Hayden Jones and Dr Radha. The BBC wanted me to give advice about life at university!

It was amazing and crazy and the most out of body experience... And I am so unbelievably lucky to have had this chance. I was the guest on the surgery, something I've listened too for such a long time.

The hour was gone in the blink of an eye, and any nerves (which there were loads!) were gone in the first 15 minutes. By the end, I was wishing it was just beginning!

Best bit is it's opened doors for me - I now am a presenter on the university radio team and I can't wait to get started on it. I've definitely got the bug and I'm not letting go!

Friday, 26 September 2014

5 Ways to help a Long Distance Relationship Survive.

Those of you who are regular visitors to the blog know that for a period of time me and my BF lived just over 100 miles from each other. And that it wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. So today I'm sharing my five top tips for making long distance relationships that little bit easier.

1. Set aside time to share your day. - You may as a couple be several hundred miles apart but by making sure that you spend time in your day to actually talk, via skype or on the phone, means that you can still feel close. It's the little things that make a relationship and by having this time uninterrupted by your flatmates or work you can share these things. Plus, it can never hurt to show that you can make time for each other.

2. Be spontaneous - Keep the love alive with spontaneous act. A romantic letter. A surprise visit. Or even the occasional gift (Something as simple as a jumper the can have when they are having a hard day, because these days happen...)

3.Countdown the sleeps between visits - There may be weeks between each visit, but by counting the time down together, you will find that before you know it you will be back together.

4.Understand that you cant talk 24/7 - When you both start university and find yourself apart, you will both need to meet new people. This will inevitably mean that you will not be able to talk the whole time. By understanding this, you will help alleviate the feelings of the other not wanting you - they wouldn't be with you if they didn't - and you can make it so you are happy where ever you are together or apart.

5.Just remember why you are together - Situations change. Relationships will change. Just remember what brought you together and why you are putting yourself through all of the heartache.

It may seem hard to start off with, but eventually it will get easier. Something in the situation will change and before you know it, it gets less hard. I promise.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

T is for Trying Something New.

This photo is my entry to the letter T Linky run by Charly over at

This photo was taken of a very nervous me live on international Radio1 where I was invited onto the Surgery. I will definitely be blogging about the whole experience so watch this space!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Drinking. With Water-to-Go.

For a period of time, I was looking at buying one of those water filtration jugs. I figured that drinking more water was never a bad thing but I'm not the hugest fan of the water in Portsmouth, as daft as it sounds. So when I stumbled across the Water-to-Go bottles, I was transfixed.

These clever bottles promise to filter water making it safe to drink, where ever the water has been sourced, including 'not for drinking' tapwater, pond, stream or even rain water. The bottle itself contains a filter, which although I'm not the cleverest at the science-y type stuff, I know that the Water-to-Go filters are more effective than the standard carbon filters that general filtration bottles have. Considering the filters were developed in partnership with NASA's technology, you'd kind of expect that! These filters are so specialized that the bottles are often taken abroad to countries where tap-water is dangerous to save the travellers getting bugs which have the potential to ruin their trip/

On a slightly less technical front, I'm in love with the actual bottle. It is the perfect size for taking to my lectures or off on my travels and although I haven't put it in my bag upside down (I'm not that daring!); I've had it in my bag for several hours with my pride and joy, my Ipad, and it's stayed dry.

I know that by having this in my bag I'm drinking more water, which can't ever be bad. And I'm not spending money on bottles of water which I'm hoping will save me money, to be spent on better things. When you look  at the costs of buying water several times a week (which I'm totally guilty of...) against buying a bottle of water like this that you can refill and have the same quality of water, you can save several hundred pounds. It's crazy! The bottle looks expensive when you first look at the price (cough, £24.99, cough) but when you think of the long term saving, it's kinda more acceptable...

The only downside, apart from the price, is the having to replace the filter, which I figured I was bound to forget seeing as the filter lasts for 200 litres or 3 months but I signed up for reminders so I'm sorted! Just got to make sure I don't leave it anywhere; the car, lecture theatre or gym.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I received the bottle for the purpose of the review. All views are the truth.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Want 25% of Takeaway this Freshers?

Too drunk to turn on the oven? Late Lecture? Heavy night out? Can't be bothered to cook? Don't know how to cook?

I have found the perfect solution!

Those clever people at know how crazy the first few weeks at university are and so they are giving us students 25% of your order during Fresher's Week so you don't have to even step into the kitchen.

All that you need is to grab your university email address (that's the one with the at the end...) and visit their special student portal. You'll get sent an email with the discount link. Order, kick back and wait for the food to arrive. (And you'll even be kept in the loop about other deals for the rest of the year so you can't miss out. )

If you can't even begin to work out what it is infact you fancy, then you can just copy the recent orders from those in your local area, which scroll up the side of the site. A major revelation for me, the chronic undecider.

But there is more!

Selected restaurants have a 45 minutes guarentee where they will have the food with you in the 45 minutes or less. And if they don't for some reason manage to get the food to you, you can get a refund. Meaning another takeaway for you...

So what are you waiting for? Find an excuse, and get ordering!

Disclaimer: This is a PR Collaboration

Monday, 15 September 2014

5 Things You Must Remember to Take for Fresher's Week & How to survive the week.

You're nervous. It's your first week at university which could be the best years of your life. There's so much going on; new people, new places and most definitely new experiences and you get the fun of starting this whole adventure with Fresher's week (or fortnight if you're at one of those lucky universities...) It can be one of the most crazy weeks of your life where alcohol is drunk in abundance and sleep is for the weak but it is the only time when you are not worried about deadlines or attendance.

Obviously by the time Fresher's Week you have got pretty much all of the essentials but today I'm sharing the last 5 things that you will definitely need to make the most of it all. These are the last few things that you will need to make sure that you're first few weeks are the most fun stressfree weeks of your time at university.

This is the Freshers Survival Kit sent to me
by the wonderful people over at With the green tea,
multivitamins, plasters and cookbook along
with the other pieces, I think that I'd be
prepared to take on freshers - again!
1. A Pack of Cards - No night out is complete without the prerequisite game of ring of fire when predrinking. (Which obviously everyone does because its unbelievably expensive to go to a club sober and come out drunk...) Best part is, its not just ring of fire you can play; the internet is full of different variations of games. Great for bringing a house of people together.

2. Bottled Water - Just what you need by the side of the bed for the morning after. Trust me, you'll be thanking every god under the sun that you don't have to get out of bed to get a drink when you wake up. Plus, if its in a bottle noone can knock it over on the way back in...

3. Face paint - Themed nights mean themed costumes. And is there is one time that there are themed nights its Freshers. It will help you make an outfit fit the theme that you need with minimal money (although I firmly believe that going all the way with a costume is always the best way.)

4. An inexpensive camera - You will get drunk. You will want photos to help
work out what quite happened the day after. Best bet is to get a cheapish camera that can document it all and that you wont be too worried about if you do happen to lose/break/damage it. The photos you take will be the lasting memories of your first year which I've known people to display for years to come

5. Sense of adventure - Just go out and do the things you never thought you would. Have fun, say yes, and experience everything. Its definitely the best way.

Savour every moment of Freshers, You may get one a year, but noone will compare to your first.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I received this Fresher's pack in return for me sharing the items I think you need to make your Fresher's stressfree and perfect.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Hands to the Keyboard with Microsoft's #Typingmatters.

The Microsoft Wireless 800 Desktop Keyboard,
set up at the only desktop n the house...

I would like to think of myself as fairly technology-friendly (although I'm no expert...). There isn't a day that goes by where I haven't logged onto my laptop and typed a couple of hundred words - be it blogging or getting my assignments and notes for university but according to some research, many workers can't touch type and cannot type more than 50 words per minute (which is the average.)

Microsoft have also found that a third of bosses won't hire someone who can't touch type - which many people can't - and half of their workers fall below the 'minimum' standard. Which is just crazy!

Typing may not seem to most important skills when working full time but it has been pointed out that the more words a minute you can type, the more you can be of value to a company, after all, you are utilising your time better. After putting it to the test I have found that I can type 60 words per minute, which is more than the average but less than it could be. (Imagine how fast I could get my dissertation written at 100 words a minute....!)

But I have a plan. Microsoft have partnered up with 'UK Youth' and are gifting every single purchase of their keyboards with Mavis Beacon teaches Typing software, making my new keyboard a chance for me to type faster & work more efficiently. I will definitely be using it to put myself ahead of the competition.

Well it can't hurt, can it?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

R is for Rose.

This photo is my entry to the letter R Linky run by Charly over at

This photo was taken at the beginning of the week in a small park hidden in the centre of town.The perfect place to sit back, and watch the world go by...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

DoubleDate for Dinner at LaTasca.

The View at dinner
I like food. And I like to have a different dinner put in front of me where I don't then have to wash up, so dinner out is most definitely something that suits me down to the ground. The only problem is where.

GunwharfQuays has such a huge choice of restaurants, I tend to struggle. Things were even harder tonight when I went out with my LS and her other half. As previously documented on my site, she in allergic to wheat which makes eating out slightly more difficult - but not impossible. That coupled with various other allergies meant that our list of potential choices was limited massively but then we found LaTasca.

For those of you that don't know, LaTasca is spanish food where you pick several dishes each and tuck in. Perfect for those - like me! - who often struggle to choose between different meals and don't know quite what they feel like. Best part for us and all the awkwardness is that a good half the menu is gluten free and is easy to find. A far cry from other restaurants in the past.

A Selection of our dishes.

The staff in the Portsmouth branch are the most helpful staff you could have ever ask for, especially when we needed all the menu checked for a lactose intolerance and the food was perfectly spot on. Again. (Even if I personally found that I wasn't a fan of the porkcheeks - the BF on the other hand demolished them...)

It is always worth the money in LaTasca. The service, the food and the company was perfect. Just wish the portions were bigger! 10/10 LaTasca.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Five Top Tips for Standing out in an interview

At some point in your life it is guaranteed that you will have to work and hold down so that you can pay all those bills - the food, the house, the car - and so it is more than likely that you will have an interview. As with every job, there will be more than you applying and so it is vital that you sparkle and stand ahead of the competition. I've been there recently, got myself a new job and so today, I'm sharing my top five tips to bag yourself a brand new job

This sounds really silly that smiling makes a huge difference, but I'm convinced it does. It just shows the interviewer that you're a relaxed, happy person who realistically is going to benefit them by hiring you. Plus it makes you more approachable and if you do get remembered for smiling loads that can't be such a bad thing....

Be Confident
Do not be a field mouse. Stand up, be bold and walk in with your head held high as if you can take the world. Chances are, you can.

Be Organised
Have an neat, easy to follow copy of your CV. There is nothing worse than a CV that you can't follow - infact most managers just won't bother. Turning up on time - if not early - gives the potential employer the idea that you are prompt and totally worth their time. Be prepared for the questions that they will ask you, about yourself and how you can benefit the company. Plan ahead.. which leads on to....

Dress Appropriately
Remember that you are trying to sell yourself in the best way that you can. Pick clothes that are smart and show you off to the best of your ability. Don't wear scruffy clothes and make an effort to not look unneat. It has also been suggested that you don't wear just black - a bright colour will stand out.

Be yourself
Perhaps the most important  of all. Being yourself. There is no point pretending to be something that you are not just to get a job, else you will struggle if you manage to secure a job based on the fake you. You will get the job if you honestly are a fit for the job itself.

Monday, 1 September 2014

The #icebucketchallenge

Let's face it, the videos are everywhere. You cannot scroll through any Facebook timeline without finding an icebucket challenge video, let alone live life without being nominated - trust me I tried....

Me in my #icebucketchallenge,
in the pouring rain, in the sea at
10 o'clock at night. I'm as guilty
as trying to keep up with the next person.
But realistically, why is everyone throwing water over themselves? And is it really a way of helping charity for just a chance for the narcissistic among us to show off?

It is thought to have all stared several months ago in the US as a way of raising awareness of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is a horrendous progressive illness which will eventually leave the sufferer paralysed. All that the video requires was that you donate then declare why you are doing the challenge, nominate three people and then pour a bucket of icewater overyourself. It has raised millions of dollars for the US ALS charity and nearly £5 million for the UK's equivelent Motor Neurone Disease Association. Which is really great!

But this challenge seems to have its downfalls. 

I believe that whilst many people have paid the donations, more people are only completing the challenge just to be part of the craze by trying to top the previous videos and aren't paying which is what this whole scheme is part of. Even worse is that the American ALS Charity has come underfire for paying its staff six-figure salaries whilst the money raised going to a very small percentage of researching what can be done to prevent and help those who already suffer from the condition. 

So if you are completing this challenege, take a moment to donate, but please consider who you donate to...