Monday, 15 September 2014

5 Things You Must Remember to Take for Fresher's Week & How to survive the week.

You're nervous. It's your first week at university which could be the best years of your life. There's so much going on; new people, new places and most definitely new experiences and you get the fun of starting this whole adventure with Fresher's week (or fortnight if you're at one of those lucky universities...) It can be one of the most crazy weeks of your life where alcohol is drunk in abundance and sleep is for the weak but it is the only time when you are not worried about deadlines or attendance.

Obviously by the time Fresher's Week you have got pretty much all of the essentials but today I'm sharing the last 5 things that you will definitely need to make the most of it all. These are the last few things that you will need to make sure that you're first few weeks are the most fun stressfree weeks of your time at university.

This is the Freshers Survival Kit sent to me
by the wonderful people over at With the green tea,
multivitamins, plasters and cookbook along
with the other pieces, I think that I'd be
prepared to take on freshers - again!
1. A Pack of Cards - No night out is complete without the prerequisite game of ring of fire when predrinking. (Which obviously everyone does because its unbelievably expensive to go to a club sober and come out drunk...) Best part is, its not just ring of fire you can play; the internet is full of different variations of games. Great for bringing a house of people together.

2. Bottled Water - Just what you need by the side of the bed for the morning after. Trust me, you'll be thanking every god under the sun that you don't have to get out of bed to get a drink when you wake up. Plus, if its in a bottle noone can knock it over on the way back in...

3. Face paint - Themed nights mean themed costumes. And is there is one time that there are themed nights its Freshers. It will help you make an outfit fit the theme that you need with minimal money (although I firmly believe that going all the way with a costume is always the best way.)

4. An inexpensive camera - You will get drunk. You will want photos to help
work out what quite happened the day after. Best bet is to get a cheapish camera that can document it all and that you wont be too worried about if you do happen to lose/break/damage it. The photos you take will be the lasting memories of your first year which I've known people to display for years to come

5. Sense of adventure - Just go out and do the things you never thought you would. Have fun, say yes, and experience everything. Its definitely the best way.

Savour every moment of Freshers, You may get one a year, but noone will compare to your first.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I received this Fresher's pack in return for me sharing the items I think you need to make your Fresher's stressfree and perfect.


  1. What great advice from someone in the know - I love your innovative list and the brilliant idea for the cheap camera!! No loss too great then ;) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo and great to see you back x

  2. Great advice! DEFINITELY a cheap camera! I did buy one especially and have so many great memories :) #pocolo