Friday, 26 September 2014

5 Ways to help a Long Distance Relationship Survive.

Those of you who are regular visitors to the blog know that for a period of time me and my BF lived just over 100 miles from each other. And that it wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. So today I'm sharing my five top tips for making long distance relationships that little bit easier.

1. Set aside time to share your day. - You may as a couple be several hundred miles apart but by making sure that you spend time in your day to actually talk, via skype or on the phone, means that you can still feel close. It's the little things that make a relationship and by having this time uninterrupted by your flatmates or work you can share these things. Plus, it can never hurt to show that you can make time for each other.

2. Be spontaneous - Keep the love alive with spontaneous act. A romantic letter. A surprise visit. Or even the occasional gift (Something as simple as a jumper the can have when they are having a hard day, because these days happen...)

3.Countdown the sleeps between visits - There may be weeks between each visit, but by counting the time down together, you will find that before you know it you will be back together.

4.Understand that you cant talk 24/7 - When you both start university and find yourself apart, you will both need to meet new people. This will inevitably mean that you will not be able to talk the whole time. By understanding this, you will help alleviate the feelings of the other not wanting you - they wouldn't be with you if they didn't - and you can make it so you are happy where ever you are together or apart.

5.Just remember why you are together - Situations change. Relationships will change. Just remember what brought you together and why you are putting yourself through all of the heartache.

It may seem hard to start off with, but eventually it will get easier. Something in the situation will change and before you know it, it gets less hard. I promise.

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  1. All of these work really well for non-long distance couples too! Just because two people aren't far apart doesn't mean they shouldn't take care of their relationship, right? :)