Tuesday, 9 September 2014

DoubleDate for Dinner at LaTasca.

The View at dinner
I like food. And I like to have a different dinner put in front of me where I don't then have to wash up, so dinner out is most definitely something that suits me down to the ground. The only problem is where.

GunwharfQuays has such a huge choice of restaurants, I tend to struggle. Things were even harder tonight when I went out with my LS and her other half. As previously documented on my site, she in allergic to wheat which makes eating out slightly more difficult - but not impossible. That coupled with various other allergies meant that our list of potential choices was limited massively but then we found LaTasca.

For those of you that don't know, LaTasca is spanish food where you pick several dishes each and tuck in. Perfect for those - like me! - who often struggle to choose between different meals and don't know quite what they feel like. Best part for us and all the awkwardness is that a good half the menu is gluten free and is easy to find. A far cry from other restaurants in the past.

A Selection of our dishes.

The staff in the Portsmouth branch are the most helpful staff you could have ever ask for, especially when we needed all the menu checked for a lactose intolerance and the food was perfectly spot on. Again. (Even if I personally found that I wasn't a fan of the porkcheeks - the BF on the other hand demolished them...)

It is always worth the money in LaTasca. The service, the food and the company was perfect. Just wish the portions were bigger! 10/10 LaTasca.

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  1. Mmmm this looks so yummy. So glad you found somewhere that could accommodate for any allergies too.

    Rebecca x

    Rebecca Kate