Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Five Top Tips for Standing out in an interview

At some point in your life it is guaranteed that you will have to work and hold down so that you can pay all those bills - the food, the house, the car - and so it is more than likely that you will have an interview. As with every job, there will be more than you applying and so it is vital that you sparkle and stand ahead of the competition. I've been there recently, got myself a new job and so today, I'm sharing my top five tips to bag yourself a brand new job

This sounds really silly that smiling makes a huge difference, but I'm convinced it does. It just shows the interviewer that you're a relaxed, happy person who realistically is going to benefit them by hiring you. Plus it makes you more approachable and if you do get remembered for smiling loads that can't be such a bad thing....

Be Confident
Do not be a field mouse. Stand up, be bold and walk in with your head held high as if you can take the world. Chances are, you can.

Be Organised
Have an neat, easy to follow copy of your CV. There is nothing worse than a CV that you can't follow - infact most managers just won't bother. Turning up on time - if not early - gives the potential employer the idea that you are prompt and totally worth their time. Be prepared for the questions that they will ask you, about yourself and how you can benefit the company. Plan ahead.. which leads on to....

Dress Appropriately
Remember that you are trying to sell yourself in the best way that you can. Pick clothes that are smart and show you off to the best of your ability. Don't wear scruffy clothes and make an effort to not look unneat. It has also been suggested that you don't wear just black - a bright colour will stand out.

Be yourself
Perhaps the most important  of all. Being yourself. There is no point pretending to be something that you are not just to get a job, else you will struggle if you manage to secure a job based on the fake you. You will get the job if you honestly are a fit for the job itself.

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