Friday, 12 September 2014

Hands to the Keyboard with Microsoft's #Typingmatters.

The Microsoft Wireless 800 Desktop Keyboard,
set up at the only desktop n the house...

I would like to think of myself as fairly technology-friendly (although I'm no expert...). There isn't a day that goes by where I haven't logged onto my laptop and typed a couple of hundred words - be it blogging or getting my assignments and notes for university but according to some research, many workers can't touch type and cannot type more than 50 words per minute (which is the average.)

Microsoft have also found that a third of bosses won't hire someone who can't touch type - which many people can't - and half of their workers fall below the 'minimum' standard. Which is just crazy!

Typing may not seem to most important skills when working full time but it has been pointed out that the more words a minute you can type, the more you can be of value to a company, after all, you are utilising your time better. After putting it to the test I have found that I can type 60 words per minute, which is more than the average but less than it could be. (Imagine how fast I could get my dissertation written at 100 words a minute....!)

But I have a plan. Microsoft have partnered up with 'UK Youth' and are gifting every single purchase of their keyboards with Mavis Beacon teaches Typing software, making my new keyboard a chance for me to type faster & work more efficiently. I will definitely be using it to put myself ahead of the competition.

Well it can't hurt, can it?

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