Thursday, 16 October 2014

5 ways to sell yourself to companies!

It's reached that point in my degree where I have to start to think about my future after university and I must admit the idea of the future used to terrify me. But I think I may have reached a point where I have an idea of where I want to be in a years time. And it's exciting!

I have only managed to achieve this by attending the Graduate Fair & Networking evening organised by my university. These events gave me chance to talk to people in industry and sell myself. Only thing is, is finding a way to sell myself and stand out from the other couple of hundred students all in the same situation as me.

So my top five tips are:

1. Be confident - whats the worse that can happen? You make a fool out of yourself in front of someone you've never met? Stand up tall, take a breath and be sure to talk about what you know. Having that level of confidence will set you apart from the other shy, retiring types which is a fair few people before you've started.

2. Research the particular company and choose quality over quantity -  Pick the companies that look like they will benefit you, but be picky. It is better to focus on few companies and do well with them than choose lots and find that you haven't given them enough to leave a lasting mark on the people that matter. Plus by researching you are again setting yourself apart. It saves you asking questions that could easily be answered and give you conversation topics if you find yourself struggling.

3.Dress smart - Take the time to dress up. Stick with formal clothes. It just shows that you can make the effort and this will reflect better on you.

4. Have business cards/CV's to hand - This is your chance to leave your mark. Give them something so that when they get back to the office they still remember you. The smallest things can have the biggest impact.

5. Take the time to talk to the staff - This is your time to shine. Take the time to interact with the staff. At networking events, you will find that the staff are interested in you and that you can learn a lot from them. I certainly have!

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