Thursday, 23 October 2014

Coffee #1 - Palmerston's Hidden Gem

After finding that I'm at my wits end after spending my time between lectures, my room & the library, I like to find  somewhere different to settle down for a few hours and just take the time to watch the world go by (God, how clichéd is that sounding?!)

But I have found myself the perfect little hide away.

Just off the most hidden high street in Portsmouth, Palmerston Road, Coffee #1 has set up shop and become that little oasis of calm in my somewhat crazy life.

It's dark walls would lead you to think that it should be dark and uninviting but it is in fact the complete opposite. There is so much light being let in from above, and coupled with the quirky wall art, makes Coffee #1 feel welcoming. Coffee #1 has oodles of character which is built from the decoration and mishmash chairs that surround the tables.

The staff themselves are friendly, chatty and make you feel welcome, even when you cannot choose from the rather extensive variety of cakes that they have on offer. This service is wonderful when it isn't so busy but I can imagine it would make service slow at the peak times. Although its definitely worth waiting if you have time and inclination.

What sets Coffee #1 apart from your other coffee shops? They care about the environment. More so than the next company. Napkins the napkins encourage you to take only what you need because they're from trees which aren't going to be around forever and the coffee is ethically sourced - according to the BF tasted pretty good as well.

Safe to say I will definitely be back. With a book, and a few hours to kill.

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