Monday, 20 October 2014

The perfect tablet case?

I have somehow become one of those high-tech students who sits in lectures writing my notes on my iPad whilst trying to keep up with what the lecturer is saying. My notes are organised and saved in multiple places so that an major technology crash means I won't lose everything - which is a far cry from the stack of scrunched up paper I tried to pass as last years notes...                                                                                           The fact that my iPad is a vital part of my university kit (and the pretty much all of my life...) and is something I can't live without, means I tend to take as much care as I possibly  can. This begins with a decent case that gives me the chance to adjust the angle of the screen so that I can type the words as they fall out of the lecturers mouth, and ends with me just generally being careful and not putting my iPad into any stupid situations. 

I used to have a cheapish lime green case, much like the many available online that served its purpose well but had worn out past the point of help. but the wonderful people at Logitech stepped in and asked me to try the Logitech Hinge case and give it a good run for its money.                                                                                                                             Well what can I say? I'm impressed. The case itself is sturdy and even though I received it way back in August and its taken a fair bit of a beating day in day out, it still looks exactly as it did when I received it. I'm loving the fact that I can full adjust the angle of the screen - something that my old case never did - perfect for when the sunlight is just reflecting through the window at that odd angle. The case also has that really clever (which really isn't so clever, I'm just easily entertained...) which turns the iPad off when its closed and on when its open. 
My only downside? The colours somewhat match my carpet... (Although, I quite happen to like it!)

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