Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas is coming: Shop Online with Flamingo Gifts

The beginning of getting organised...

Christmas is practically upon us. 

There is only 40 days. 

Only a handful of weeks

And more worryingly just 2 more paydays.

Time to get planning and find a way to spread the cost to avoid the way that the Christmas costs just seem to mount up.... 

Generally I'm the worst person for managing to get organised and pick impressive presents...

But this year, I may have found a way of making that Christmas shopping easier, and managing to keep the costs down whilst managing to deliver presents that are original and manage to leave the recipient with (what I hope) to be a smile on their face.

Flamingo gifts means I can shop online for all the family in one place, managing to find something for literally everyone - and everyone could not be more different in my family - and have it all delivered for 99p, you can't really go wrong.

From scarfs, to mugs, to photoframes, to jewellery. With items from a couple of pounds to a hundred or so (I'm totally lusting after the Voodoo Knife Block - Santa, for Christmas maybe? ) 

You can't fault the world of choice that is at your fingertips. 

I myself was left searching for hours (and that isn't an exaggeration!) and pretty much decided I want the whole site, for myself. 

Its safe to say that I'll be back to order the next round of my presents on the site and to order everything when I win the lottery, of course. 

Check it out, and let me know what you thing!


  1. That sounds amazing - 99p delivery!!!

  2. Wow! I am DEFINITELY going to take a look at their site. 99p is far cheaper than driving to the shops and paying to park! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  3. So much planning to do before Christmas! This could help thanks !