Friday, 16 January 2015

Back to normality.

Me waiting for my co-host on real life radio, Express FM
I have been rather absent from my little corner of the internet recently. Life has been a blur of working, christmas and then back to university which has left little time for taking it easy, let alone writing here.

My radio show is going from strength
to strength and I've completed two fairly major presentations for two units at university and have all of a sudden that I have spare time on my hands, to write and muse and daydream to my hearts content. Perfect. Let's just hope that the grades for them both are high enough!

So this is it, I am back. Posting back here a couple of times a week as I survive my time at university.


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  2. Hey there,
    I'm glad to see everything has been on the up for you since we last spoke! Not a day goes past where I wonder how you're doing, and it's great to see you doing something awesome like this!
    Take it easy kid! :)