Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fresh at Morrisons. The Spring/Summer Launch 2015.

I'm so unbelieveable bored of the cold, wet weather that we seem to be stuck with at the moment. I am most definitely a summer person and am already counting down the days until we get to the seaon of sun, beaches and BBQ's. I am never going to be one of these people that gets excited about any other season - unless it snows enough for me to have a duvet day...

Last week, I took an afternoon and escaped the cold winter to explore the new spring/summer ranges with Morrisons.

I was impressed. Salmon Burgers, to Olive Bread. Spicy Chicken Wings, to Chilli Prawns. The selection was divine.

There was the new Tex Mex ultimate Beef Rib which was absolutely to die for - the meat was so tender and the BBQ sauce was perfect, so much so that I wish they would bottle it and sell that itself (Pretty please?)

My opinions of HotDogs have been completely changed. In Morrisons, hotdogs are no longer a limp, processed affair. They are full of flavour and texture and to be honest more like sausages. But I think they'd be brilliant on the barbeque.

My Tasting Platter with a little bit of everything!
The biggest surprise? I liked the Olive bread, despite the fact generally I can't stand olives. Odd, ehh?

If you're on a diet and reading this then Morrisons even have something for you! Sin-free Ice-cream of just 76 cal a Scoop. Which is crazy! Especially when I couldn't taste the difference between that and the full fat unhealthy stuff that I'd normally go for! Somehow it seems to make the idea of sitting on the sofa with a tub a whole lot less guilty...
Best thing Ever!

I have the BBQ ready and I know what I want to eat, now I just need the sunshine and a little bit of warmth. Just got to keep counting down the weeks!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I am sharing my thoughts from the Morrisons SS15 Launch.

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