Friday, 20 February 2015

The Perfect Deal with HungryHouse

I've brought you a Hungry House deal in the past and today I'm sharing you a brand new deal that guarantees to cut your cooking time which realistically at university we don't have time to do, between all that time spend in lectures and getting ready to go out.

This one is perfect for those of you stressing over dissertations

Those of you who are tire of how far into the term we are without the chance of a break.

And those of you who just need an evening off and a pick me up (even if you're not a student!)

From Monday (that's the 23rd) for a week, when you spend £15 on takeaway through the HungryHouse site, you will receive
a £5 voucher to spend on any of the CinemaNow titles that you fancy. Which is pretty much perfect for a quiet night in. And way cheaper than going out to the cinema!

The CinemaNow people have tons of recent films in any genre that have pretty much just been released, as well as a bunch of TV programmes which is great if you are like me and Netflix has just left me hanging....

But it gets better!

Not only will you get a free movie when you order, unlike the competitors, selected restaurants have a 45 minute guarantee where they will get the food to you in 45 minutes or less. Which is perfect for when you are starving. And if they don't for some reason manage to get the food to you, you get a refund. Meaning another takeaway for you!

The offer lasts a week, so take advantage and save yourself some money!

Disclaimer: This is a PR Collaboration

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