Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Launch of Asda's Summer Food!

The sun is shining and it is finally beginning to feel less like winter and more like the summer is on its way which makes me seriously excited for BBQ's and days out.

This excitement just got better and better when I went along the the Spring/Summer Food Launch at Asda and tried some of the pretty impressive foods which are just perfect to be tucking into in the coming months.

The perfect steak. A Choice between Wagyu (which is definitely not as expensive as you think it should be!) and Aberdeen Angus. For someone who tends to avoid steak like me to want more, it has to be good.

Pretty Impressive Hotdogs. 
A packet of the hotdogs (proper ones at that... with several different flavours) and two sides for just £3. And with such a wide range of sides from onion straws, to baconnaise to american mustard, there's a huge choice in hotdogs to have!

The American BBQ theme didn't end there. The new BBQ range includes Mac & Cheese burgers, a chicken wing selection with varying degrees of heat (from mild, right up to a heat that would blow steam out of my ears), potato cubes with a cola dressing (which I'm somewhat unsure about although my other half is in love...) and sweet potato fries which somehow are amazing and crispy even though they are oven cook-able!

 For those more healthy eaters out there, the Good & Balanced Range at Asda has a whole new range of foods from a fresh and vibrant Morrocan Chicken Salad to fruit & vegetables prejuiced so that you can get that juicing effect with half the work.

 For those with a sweet tooth, the puddings are amazing too! Frozen yoghurt for a tiny amount of calories and the most amazing birthday cakes! From a steak pie with floating gravy boat to the cutest little pug Asda really seem to have it all..

I was blown away by the choice of summer food, and the quality whilst it being cheap - which everyone including us students need! What's more is the bottle of prosecco for just £6!

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