Friday, 10 April 2015

University is almost over: Plans for the future.

The view of how massive Portsmouth from the Spinaker
Tower and how big the idea of next year really is.
I have made it to literally my last few weeks at univeristy. All I have left is one more assignment to complete and submit and three exams to do and I'm done which is terrifying. I started this blog to help me on my way through univeristy and now that I'm finally at the end I've found people asking me what my plans are in the future. As far as I can see it, I only have a few options.

1. Apply for a postgraduate degree. Well this is definitely won't be happening in my case. I have no interest in paying for another degree when I'm not 100% sure what I even want to with my life and future. Plus I'm not sure I could cope with another year of the stress. I'm just about ready to start living.

2.Travel the world. This year, I've given travelling a lot of thought. I've always wanted to see the world and get the chance to experience new things and although I'm nervous about the idea of being the responsible adult for massive trips abroad when seeing the world and new places, I know that I'll get there. Eventually. I've decided not to take a year out to backpack, I can travel in my own time with money!

3. Get a job. I already have a job that pays the bills and that generally I enjoy so I'm going to keep this one up and hope that I can progress. I've thought about applying to graduate programmes but seeing as from the moment I graduate until the moment I die I'm classed as eligible for these programmes and so I haven't really had a good look. Maybe next year I'll start and see what comes of the applications.

My plans for next year are to stick at work, move into a flat, blog and save so that I have the chance to go on holidays and buy houses/cars/other material goods before I settle down and have kids (which I'm assuming will happen somewhere in the distant future). I have learnt so much at university which I will take forward with me, no matter what I land up doing. The blood, sweat and tears I put in here will not be a waste.

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