Friday, 22 May 2015

V is for Vaping.

As the days get warmer, more and more of us think about our images. (I certainly have...) New Year's resolutions are obviously made in winter, but it is during spring that many of us actually do anything about it. There's something about lighter evenings and the idea of needing that bikini body that works wonders for motivation and makes people want to get their running shoes.

As well as pounding the pavements, another great way to overhaul your life is by giving up all those guilty habits; eating takeaways all week, drinking and smoking. I know it's easier said than done, but with a little bit of willpower and some aid, it has never been easier – giving up smoking included. This is down to the emergence of e-cigarettes. And for all those of you who started smoking because it was ‘cool’ and everyone else was doing it, vaping is becoming increasingly  fashionable as well, with many of the Hollywood Great’s cutting down on cigarettes and  choosing to vape instead.

Today is all about giving up smoking, which is something that I certainly won’t give up nagging my other half about until he does... He knows I worry about how smoking affects his health but ultimately it’s his decision....

Recently there have been several Hollywood stars seen ditching the fags and using vapes to help them cut down – and to assume eventually give up – and here are a few...

Bruno Mars - The award winning singer promised his dying mother that he'd give up cigarettes and he did, by switching to e-cigarettes.

Zac EfronZac is one of my slightly inappropriate crushes and has been seen vaping in public a few times in the past year. His character in the movie Bad Neighbours was also a fan of e-cigarettes

Samuel L. Jackson - Samuel L. is cool. Fact. And He appears to have added vaping to his look. Last year he happily puffed away on an e-cigarette as he read a slam poem on The Tonight Show.

I know that there are people who think that vaping isn’t good for you but at least if vaping is something that can help you be a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle, then you’ll be way better off than smoking all the chemicals in cigarettes.  Take a leaf out of the celebrities books use today as a chance to kickstart an overhaul of your life, one vice at a time.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Coco. My little piece of heaven.

Chocolate is something that I always have time for. Be it a bar of Cadbury's bought on a whim with the food shop or  the indulgence of chocolate from a proper confectioners, just like the new little gem I've found in Southsea.

Chocolate by Coco.

Entering the shop was like entering an Aladdin's Trove of chocolatey treasure and was a little bit like heaven. The displays had all of the chocolates lined up by type; from coffee chocolates set with a coffee bean, to milk chocolate truffles, to the more adventurous chilli chocolate, there is definitely something for everyone.

A hot velvety chocolate drink is also sold with the chance to sit in the window on the most ornate chairs ever. (We tried to bargain with lovely lady serving us about taking the chairs home for the new flat but she just wasn't having it....) I can just imagine sitting there in the summer watching the world go by...

You buy the chocolates by the number in a box. 8 is just under £5, so though they aren't the everyday chocolate for a soon-to-be ex-student they are totally worth every penny for a indulgence...

What do you think? Would you buy these over a bar in Tesco?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A little bit of luck.

Gambling is something that is very easy to find yourself doing.

Poker. Roulette. Buying lottery tickets online and in stores. Going to the races. Scratchcards. and even going to bingo.

This time a year ago, I'd never particularly gambled with money - not including the one scratchcard I bought when I turned 16 and the one time I went to bingo with my Nan... - but now I find myself gambling a whole lot more, be it scratchcards when I'm in the corner shop or visit the casino on a night out. My flatmates and I like to hit the casino to celebrate 21st Birthday whilst being all dressed up and feeling like we're ready to take on the world.

And whilst this isn't a problem, as I, like the others,  have control, I can see how it can become a problem for some (it really doesn't become a problem for many people).

I guess the trick it to be careful and set yourself limits. Only take out the money that you know you can 'afford' to lose and take it in cash. By doing this, if you do lose it then you won't find yourself as desperate to win it back. By taking it in cash you actually have to hand over the money and that's way harder than just swiping your card. (I do this too when I'm on a budget when shopping!)

I know my limits and I enjoy being winning (c'mon, who doesn't?!) but know that if my gambling every got out of hand there are people who would be there to support me and get me back to a stable place... which is all well and good but there is only one thing I need when gambling...

A little bit of luck...!

Disclaimer: This is a PR collaboration.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Today, I am happy. Things just seem to be falling into place, and little by little, everything is working out just the way its meant to me.

University is so close to being over (just 2 more exams!!) and although it hasn't always been plain sailing and I did at one point question why I'd decided to do my course, let alone why I wanted to even go to university, I have no regrets about my time here. I have no idea where the years have gone but looking back I have had the most amazing three years with such a myriad of people who - although I didn't always agree with - taught me to be me, embrace my confidence and accept my flaws.

I have a job that I enjoy. It may only be menial work but it pays, keeps me independent and allows me to go out and experience the world through days out, and different experiences. In the future, I guess I'll want more - more hours, more pay, more enjoyment - but for now it is right. The perfect job for this point in my life.

I'm surrounded by people who care. My family who've supported me through the tough times and the friends that became family somewhere along the way. Thankyou for all that you've done for me and all that you continue to do. E+H, I'm glad you've decided that things are going to be the way that they are, I'll miss you but know that absolutely nothing has changed.

Three years ago, I didn't dream that this is where I would be now. But I am here, a strong independent adult surrounded by love and help if I need, ready to take on everything that the fledgling graduate market has the chance to throw at me. I am ready.

Friday, 8 May 2015


It's official. I have struck middle-aged-dom. After shunning the local nightclubs and bars, my new favourite hang out is.... bingo! Surely if I can't keep up with dancing the night away, a quiet game with my eyes down and focusing on the prize...

I'm joking. Kind of. I did in fact go to bingo, but I'm as not quite ready to give up my younger years and subject myself to a perm, I got the drinks in whilst I was there.

I figured that the majority of the players there would be in their 60's and that the winnings would be a couple of quid here and there, but boy was I wrong.  Forget the idea of little old dears winning their spending money for the week, and begin to imagine people in their late 20's alongside those in their 40's and those in their 60's. I was seriously shocked we weren't the youngest in the room by a decade. For a couple of quid, I got the book of a games which game me the chance to win some serious money. £250 a house anyone?

Although I didn't have any luck and didn't even come particularly close to winning (I think, although keeping up with the caller was seriously hard work after a few of the cheapest beers ever!) it definitely has got me thinking that bingo is my sort of gambling - I was always thought that roulette was my sort of game,.. - and so I've begun to compare bingo sites online until I find one that works for me. That way, I can continue to play, but in my pajamas, whilst winning all that money for me to spend on a luxury holiday. Got to win at some point right?

Disclaimer: This is a PR collaboration.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

OOTD - Summer Jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit £22.99 Newlook
Black Leather Jacket £34.99 Newlook
Black Wedge Boots £19.99 Newlook
Sunglasses £5.99 Newlook

Perfect when paired with statement jewellery.