Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A little bit of luck.

Gambling is something that is very easy to find yourself doing.

Poker. Roulette. Buying lottery tickets online and in stores. Going to the races. Scratchcards. and even going to bingo.

This time a year ago, I'd never particularly gambled with money - not including the one scratchcard I bought when I turned 16 and the one time I went to bingo with my Nan... - but now I find myself gambling a whole lot more, be it scratchcards when I'm in the corner shop or visit the casino on a night out. My flatmates and I like to hit the casino to celebrate 21st Birthday whilst being all dressed up and feeling like we're ready to take on the world.

And whilst this isn't a problem, as I, like the others,  have control, I can see how it can become a problem for some (it really doesn't become a problem for many people).

I guess the trick it to be careful and set yourself limits. Only take out the money that you know you can 'afford' to lose and take it in cash. By doing this, if you do lose it then you won't find yourself as desperate to win it back. By taking it in cash you actually have to hand over the money and that's way harder than just swiping your card. (I do this too when I'm on a budget when shopping!)

I know my limits and I enjoy being winning (c'mon, who doesn't?!) but know that if my gambling every got out of hand there are people who would be there to support me and get me back to a stable place... which is all well and good but there is only one thing I need when gambling...

A little bit of luck...!

Disclaimer: This is a PR collaboration.

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