Friday, 8 May 2015


It's official. I have struck middle-aged-dom. After shunning the local nightclubs and bars, my new favourite hang out is.... bingo! Surely if I can't keep up with dancing the night away, a quiet game with my eyes down and focusing on the prize...

I'm joking. Kind of. I did in fact go to bingo, but I'm as not quite ready to give up my younger years and subject myself to a perm, I got the drinks in whilst I was there.

I figured that the majority of the players there would be in their 60's and that the winnings would be a couple of quid here and there, but boy was I wrong.  Forget the idea of little old dears winning their spending money for the week, and begin to imagine people in their late 20's alongside those in their 40's and those in their 60's. I was seriously shocked we weren't the youngest in the room by a decade. For a couple of quid, I got the book of a games which game me the chance to win some serious money. £250 a house anyone?

Although I didn't have any luck and didn't even come particularly close to winning (I think, although keeping up with the caller was seriously hard work after a few of the cheapest beers ever!) it definitely has got me thinking that bingo is my sort of gambling - I was always thought that roulette was my sort of game,.. - and so I've begun to compare bingo sites online until I find one that works for me. That way, I can continue to play, but in my pajamas, whilst winning all that money for me to spend on a luxury holiday. Got to win at some point right?

Disclaimer: This is a PR collaboration.


  1. me and my grandson go bingo from time to time and its a great way to spend time with him, i'm in my late 60s my self and do love a good bit of bingo maybe these internet ones could be just as fun, i agree sitting in nightie would be nicer on the sofa.
    Great post youngster

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