Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Coco. My little piece of heaven.

Chocolate is something that I always have time for. Be it a bar of Cadbury's bought on a whim with the food shop or  the indulgence of chocolate from a proper confectioners, just like the new little gem I've found in Southsea.

Chocolate by Coco.

Entering the shop was like entering an Aladdin's Trove of chocolatey treasure and was a little bit like heaven. The displays had all of the chocolates lined up by type; from coffee chocolates set with a coffee bean, to milk chocolate truffles, to the more adventurous chilli chocolate, there is definitely something for everyone.

A hot velvety chocolate drink is also sold with the chance to sit in the window on the most ornate chairs ever. (We tried to bargain with lovely lady serving us about taking the chairs home for the new flat but she just wasn't having it....) I can just imagine sitting there in the summer watching the world go by...

You buy the chocolates by the number in a box. 8 is just under £5, so though they aren't the everyday chocolate for a soon-to-be ex-student they are totally worth every penny for a indulgence...

What do you think? Would you buy these over a bar in Tesco?