Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Today, I am happy. Things just seem to be falling into place, and little by little, everything is working out just the way its meant to me.

University is so close to being over (just 2 more exams!!) and although it hasn't always been plain sailing and I did at one point question why I'd decided to do my course, let alone why I wanted to even go to university, I have no regrets about my time here. I have no idea where the years have gone but looking back I have had the most amazing three years with such a myriad of people who - although I didn't always agree with - taught me to be me, embrace my confidence and accept my flaws.

I have a job that I enjoy. It may only be menial work but it pays, keeps me independent and allows me to go out and experience the world through days out, and different experiences. In the future, I guess I'll want more - more hours, more pay, more enjoyment - but for now it is right. The perfect job for this point in my life.

I'm surrounded by people who care. My family who've supported me through the tough times and the friends that became family somewhere along the way. Thankyou for all that you've done for me and all that you continue to do. E+H, I'm glad you've decided that things are going to be the way that they are, I'll miss you but know that absolutely nothing has changed.

Three years ago, I didn't dream that this is where I would be now. But I am here, a strong independent adult surrounded by love and help if I need, ready to take on everything that the fledgling graduate market has the chance to throw at me. I am ready.

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