Wednesday, 3 June 2015

5 ways to leave university for summer with 'free' money!

Us students have a reputation for scrimping and saving anywhere humanly possibly (think cheap vodka and ready meals) so it seems logical that at this point in the year, as exams are finished and we begin to pack up our things and head home, that we begin to plan the best summer ever on a budget. Today I paired up with the people at Walton Robinson and together we have found five ways in which you'll manage to 'find' money you wouldn't otherwise have which can go towards whatever it is you fancy... 

1. Check that you don't have any money left in the gas & electric account. - when you close both accounts (which you should do when you leave rented  accommodation) you may find that you've paid ahead of the date that you move out which means they owe you the money back. That money, you can either use for your next energy bill in the new house or get them to send you a check. Ta-da! Money you hadn't thought to count is there for you. 

2. Get a rebate on your TV Licence - Although I didn't have have a TV licence the whole time I was at university, I know that some people did. If you paid the full fee upfront, then you'll be entitled to another rebate seeing as it is unlikely that you will need the licence when you get back home... 

3. Sell old textbooks - Textbooks for university aren't cheap, with most starting from £50 new. You can buy them second hand and/or at the end of the year sell them on to a local bookstore or student who may need them the following year. Although you may not get an awful lot of money, it is better than nothing! 

4. Trade unwanted clothes in - Although this idea will probably give you the smallest return, there are many places that will buy clothes, bedding and other fabrics by the kilo for a small fee. If you were to clear through all the fabrics you own as you pack up to leave, you may find you have enough to make the weight and you'll have less clutter to move home and back again. 

5. Claim tax back - More often than not students find themselves being well overtaxed by employers as they've been put on an emergency tax code - which is never fun. The only good thing is that you can claim the tax back. Just contact HRMC, and hope for the best! 

What do you think? What would you do with this money? 

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