Friday, 12 June 2015

A Fear of Travelling.

New York
I have always wanted to travel and I have been lucky enough to see a chunk of what the world has to offer... From New York to Australia, Budapest to Paris, I love exploring new places and experiencing the ways of life in different cultures. As I started college and university, I figured at some point I'd get the chance I loved the idea of backpacking across an unknown country, alone or with companions, exploring new cultures and environments making memories that would live with me in the future and potentially shaping the person I am.

But things are changing.

I've become a woman who is more apprehensive about travelling, especially alone, which is silly because I like to think that I am a strong independent woman who is perfectly capable of taking on the world.  I'd always imagined that I'd take hop on a flight  with a little bit of money and see where the world takes me. But what if something happens? I get lost? Attacked? Find myself in a situation beyond my control?

It's silly, I know, but its almost as thought I have become a victim of potential future circumstance. The world is a rapidly changing place where diversity is both  something to be to be celebrated and can be a cause for concern. I love that nations have joined together and we get the chance to see celebrations and religions that in the past were impossible due to geography. For me, it feels that almost every week there is a horror story about people travelling abroad appears in the news and I think this is where my nerves have begun appearing from.

It's just sad, because at 21, I shouldn't have to worry about whether if I backpack through a rainforest, I'm going to make it back alive. I shouldn't have to worry about cultural clashes that I could get stuck in between. I shouldn't have to worry whether I am at risk because I am a young white woman.I should have the chance to see every far flung corner of the world and its people and take those memories with me forever.

But I sense it will never change and has the potential to get worse. Which makes me wonder whether the art of the gap year will have to change entirely? or will it just be certain 'high risk' countries that people avoid?

I will see the world in my lifetime. I just won't do it alone.

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