Monday, 8 June 2015

Our Night at The Langstone, Hayling Island

 With both mine and the BF's 21st Birthdays falling pretty much within a week of each other it was obvious that we had to do something to celebrate. That coupled with the fact we were smack bang in the middle of our house move made it obvious to me that a night away was the best option. So when my family gave me a voucher for The Langstone on Hayling Island for my birthday, I took the chance and booked.

I know that the hotel isn't far from our base in Portsmouth, and I did wonder whether or not it would be worth the break, but this worry was solved when we arrives and was met with the most amazing view of the water...

We checked in and went up to the room. Which was clean and pleasant enough... The BF was fascinated by the trouser press which had blatentely walked out of the seventies and I was just content with the idea of being waited on hand and foot (which included room service - something I hadn't ever had.)

Would we ever go back? I hope so... The views from the dining room were phenomenal. Plus, who doesn't like to be treated like royalty for a night?
My Carbonara Dinner...

The perfect Roomservice.

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