Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bringing the Tech Geek out of the Girl.

Technology has taken over the world and is changing at a rate that sometimes I struggle to keep up with. Mobile phones do not leave hands and sometimes I wonder whether technology is ruining the way we all interact. I do not hate technology, I'm just slightly averse to it. For years I have avoided using online banking, and freaked out by contact-less cards and the idea of Apple Pay has actually blown my mind.

So when I got the chance to have a play with Playstation 4 Project Morpheus Headset, I figured I would be embarrassingly awful in front of the developers. They set me up with a game shooting which meant I needed the hand-eye coordination to shoot, reload the gun and generally interact with the environment within the game.

Thankfully I wasn't!

All I can say is I really, really, really want a Playstation 4 with the headset. I love the fact that you are actually submerged in the game and that no matter where you look you are within the bubble that is the game. (I turned around at one point and behind me was the back door of the van that I was sat in, which is very odd considering I was actually sat in a slightly darkened room...)

Supposedly the headset launches Fall 2016 and although noone seems to know the exact price, the speculated price seems to be about £200.

Gives me just enough time to get saving!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I attended the Playstation Summer Event and was blown away by the games!

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