Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Saving Money on Bills.

Having our own place is amazing. From choosing this flat to moving in and living in the flat, it seems that getting my own place after university was the best idea for me (although I get that it isn't so much for some people/some people can't). The only problem is the bills.

I always liked to think I was quite clued on with money and how much things cost in the real world but when it came to bills, I'm not afraid to admit it, as time went on it begun to feel like I was drowning in bills and that there were bills for things I didn't even know existed. For the most of them such as council tax and rent, there is no way of making them cheaper but I have managed to find ways of gas/electric bills which is better than nothing...

1. Work out if you are better on a meter or not - Some companies would rather change you a set amount for your bills, others charge you dependent on how much you use using a meter. Obviously whichever one is best for you depends on quite how much you use and it's just a case of working out which option is the cheaper for you...

2. Avoid turning on the heating - I hate being cold, but I hate spending money on bills. Catch 22 eh? So I avoid turning on the heating for as long as I can. Instead I opt to invest throws and pillows that keep me warm. My current favourite that somehow seems to keep me unbelievably toasty is the Heat
Holders Snuggle up blanket which is definitely something it manages to do. I'm a huge fan of their socks and all of the HeatHolder range to keep myself warm without the heating and therefore save money. The blanket actually retains my heat whilst keeping out the cold and is actually massive, as in it will wrap around me several times... Perfect for those nights when I'm freezing!

3. Turn on the boiler only when you need it. - It seems easy to have the boiler on 24/7 so that the hot water is just a turn of the tap away, but I've found that a. I only need hot water from the boiler to do the washing which I don't spend my entire life doing and b. the boiler literally sucks the credit out of the meter. So my compromise is to turn the boiler on 20 minutes before I need it and off again when I don't. Just as easy, less money wasted heating water when I don't need it...

4. Pay bills upfront. - If you can afford it pay your bills upfront. Many companies add more to the overall cost when you pay monthly and so it's better in the long term to pay them in one go. Although this works on the basis you have the money...

What do you think? Do you have any more tips for saving money on bills?

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  1. Moving to your own place after campus is an awesoke idea for anyone but settling the bills is the worst part but thanks for this article as it gives tips on how to minimize of electricity bills.

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