Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Brexit and rainbows.

We seem to have lost our sense of community as a country.

It feels like these things have been somewhat of kilter in the UK in the last few days - first with the whole Brexit saga (which I'm not even going to go into) and then us crashing out of the Euros the other night. (whoops!)

All of a sudden the country seems to have been turned pretty much upside down with the stock markets losing a silly amount of money and a scary increase in reports of hate crime...

The country is divided and everyone seems to have turned on each other.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised by the sense of spirit at Pride, London this weekend. It was definitely the polar opposite to all of those negative reports being pushed out to us by the press.

I went into London with a close friend and we seemed to find ourselves in the middle of the party. Surrounded by quite literally a rainbow of colour, party music and a crowd of smiles, I had this realisation that, although everything has well and truely gone to s**t and not  quite gone to plan, that if we all stuck together like those celebrating pride, we would all come out of it together ok.


  1. In the months since Brexit not much has changed really!

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